Book Promotion Carnival #17

Book Promotion Carnival

Welcome to the November 26 edition of the Book Promotion Carnival.

Book Promotion Tips

Doctor Who presents Doctor Who on the Power of Books posted at Book Marketing Bestsellers.

John Kremer presents How Do I Sell Mass-Market Paperback Rights to My New Thriller? posted at Ask John Kremer.

David Attenborough presents David Attenborough on the Art of Storytelling posted at Book Marketing Bestsellers.

Internet Marketing Tips

Joel Comm presents Joel Comm and Lori Ruff on Social Media posted at Book Marketing Bestsellers.

Andrea Vahl presents Andrea Vahl on Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Groups posted at Infographic a Day.

John Kremer presents WordPress Question: How Do I Set the URL to the Blog Post Title? posted at Ask John Kremer.

Author Promotions

Martha Carr presents Goodreads Book Giveaway for The List: first in the Wallis Jones Series posted at

John Graves presents Fracking New Edition Driven by Book Sales posted at

Book Infographics

John Kremer presents A Few Observations from the New Thriller, The List by Martha Carr posted at Infographic a Day.

John Kremer presents Children’s Ebooks Infographic: Why You Should Write Children’s Ebooks posted at Infographic a Day.

John Kremer presents Fracking: News and Statistics Infographic posted at Infographic a Day.


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That concludes this edition of the Book Promotion Carnival.

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How Do I Sell Mass-Market Paperback Rights to My New Thriller?

The List by Martha CarrBook Rights Question

How do I sell mass-market paperback rights to my new thriller, The List? — Martha Carr, author of The List

John’s Book Rights Answer

There are two basic answers to this question:

1. Sell the right directly to one of the major mass-market publishers of thrillers. You can easily find out who the publishers are by going to any drug store, grocery store, airport shop, or chain store that sells mass-market paperbacks. Then check out those publishers who sell thrillers like yours.

For their editor’s names, check out the list of first-time novel editors at That list is a good place to start.

2. Sell the rights via a literary agent. Sadly, literary agents are as tough to find as thriller editors, often harder. The best place to connect with a good literary agent is at a writer’s conference near where you live (as long as that conference invites a few good agents).

Your second option for locating a good literary agent is to go through the Literary, Subsidiary, & Foreign Rights Agents directory that sells for $6.00 here:

But, having gone through that directory recently and approached many agents, I know how hard it can be to find one that way.

Another way is to connect with literary agents via Twitter. You can find a list of 272 literary agents who are active on Twitter here: Follow their conversations. Interact with them. Retweet them. Favorite their tweets. Then after a few weeks, ask the agents you’ve interacted with whether or not they’d look at your novel for mass-market rights. If they ask for more, be sure to tell them that you are writing more thrillers in the Wallis Jones series.

Finally, and perhaps best of all, ask your writer friends, especially those who have been published. Sometimes they will actually introduce you to their literary agent or editor. And off you go!!!

WordPress Question: How Do I Set the URL to the Blog Post Title?

Author Question

How to I set the URL in WordPress to showcase the title of my blog post rather than the number of the blog post in WordPress’s internal system? — John Graves, author, Fracking: America’s Alternative Energy Revolution

John Kremer’s Answer

That’s a good question and an important one because the search engine optimization for your website depends on you having URLs that match the content of your web pages (and not some gangly number). While setting your URLs to the blog post title isn’t essential, it does help the search engines to identify the content of your web pages — and that’s always good.

Here’s how you set the URL for your blog posts to the titles of your blog posts in WordPress:

1. Go to the dashboard for your WordPress site ( – sign in and you’re at your dashboard).

2. Click on the Settings tab on the lower left of your dashboard.

3. Then click on the Permalinks subtab in the Settings section.

WordPress Permalink Settings

4. In the illustration above, you’ll see some of the options that WordPress gives you. If your theme has the Post Name option, select that. If your theme does not offer that option, then click on the Custom Structure option and enter /%postname%/ into the box after your website name (again, like in the image above).

5. Then click Save Changes at the bottom of that page.

That’s it. Now all your blog posts will be saved automatically to your blog post title.

Embedding Social Media Posts

Whenever I work with certain authors and publishers, as part of my service, I also tweet out their book, pin it to Pinterest, post it to Facebook, and add it to Google+. Here, for example, are the embeds for social media shares of Nadia’s Obsession by Charles Martin:

Facebook post to 2,233 people . . .


Tweet to 24,505 people . . .


Pin #1 to 14,994 people . . .


Pin #2 to 14,994 people . . .


Google+ post to 1,446 people . . .

Note: Each of these embeds requires special code from the social network you want to feature. For Pinterest and Google+, it also requires some javascript code (from the social network).

To embed the above social network posts as well as YouTube, Instagram, and Slideshare, check out these instructions:

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