20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast: Gerald Kolpan on Videos and PR

Gerald Kolpan

Listen in as Gerald Kolpan talks about marketing novels, using videos to promote your books, using news hooks, and hooking up your books on Wikipedia.

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Book Marketing Tips

Never believe your publisher when it comes to publicity.

Do all you can yourself. Learn how to write news releases and edit video. In this day and age, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do excellent work yourself.

Making videos is important to my book promotion strategy. Video content should be on your home page. Magic Words book trailer:

Put your video up on as many websites as you can – Goodreads.com, TheBookMarketingNetwork.com, Facebook.com, and video websites.

One good story is that the Free Library of Philadelphia said they had no room for a booksigning. I sent them the book trailer and they got so excited they changed their minds.

Use a news hook to launch your book – like Jewish American Heritage Month for my Magic Words novel.

What’s the Magic Words novel about? Jews, Indians, and magicians. Hence I connect with Jewish, American-Indian and magician organizations, websites, etc.

Always start locally with publicity – newspaper, radio, TV, etc.

If you are writing a historically-based book (fiction or nonfiction), go on Wikipedia and edit appropriate pages to mention your book. Don’t write a sales pitch; write an objective listing.

Check out what Gerald wrote for the Wikipedia page for Alexander Herrmann (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Herrmann):

Alexander Herrmann in Fiction

On May 1, 2012 Pegasus Books published “Magic Words,” a novel by Gerald Kolpan, which features Alexander Herrman as one of the two main characters. The book is about Alexander and his cousin, Julius Meyer who came to the United States in 1867 and eventually became the interpreter for such famous Indian chiefs as Sitting Bull, Red Cloud and Standing Bear. The book features many of the actual events from Alexander’s life, including his performances of the Bullet Catch and The Floating Boy and the story of his one-thousand night sellout of the Egyptian Theatre in London. There are fictional events as well, such as Alexander’s hiring of a notorious American Indian prostitute to be his assistant, passing her off as Princess Noor-Al-Haya, a rescuee from a Middle-Eastern harem. Kolpan is also the author of 2009’s “Etta,” a novel about Etta Place, girlfriend of the Sundance Kid (www.ettathenovel.com).

About the Author: Gerald Kolpan

Magic Words novelGerald Kolpan was an illustrator for books, magazines and advertising for over a decade and later became an advertising copywriter and art director. When the advertising business began to bore him, Gerald set his sights on a writing career. Beginning as a freelancer, he wrote articles for newspapers nationwide. He also wrote the Fulminations column for City Paper, Philadelphia’s leading alternative weekly.

In 1979, Gerald launched his media career. Beginning as a volunteer at the University of Pennsylvania’s radio station, he eventually gained national notice as a contributor to National Public Radio’s news program All Things Considered. His witty commentaries and unique feature reports were favorite kickers, often closing the nightly broadcast. He was also a contributor to the WNYC radio series Future Forward.

On the strength of his writing, in 1987 WTXF television hired Gerald to be its features reporter. He remained at the station for the next twenty years. In addition to his stories for the local news shows, his work was often seen nationally and internationally on the Fox News Channel and CNN.

In March 2009, Ballantine Books published his first novel, Etta (www.ettathenovel.com), a fictionalized account of the life of Etta Place, girlfriend of the Sundance Kid. The American Library Association named Etta one of the seven best works of historical fiction of 2009.

Pegasus Books published his second novel, Magic Words, in 2012.

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