20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast: Stephen Schochet on Radio Interviews and Publicity

Stephen SchochetListen in as Stephen Schochet talks about selling books on bus tours, via radio interviews, and current events tie-ins.

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Here are a few of the book marketing tips that Stephen shared during this interview:

Sell books on tours – During his Hollywood tours, Stephen sells books to his tour groups. Since there are four stops on the tour, he has a great excuse to hand out his business card (to ensure people return to the bus after each stop).

Do radio interviews – Stories are perfect for radio interviews. Be the best guest you can possibly be. Don’t focus on selling your book; focus on telling good stories. So don’t worry about immediate book sales but cumulative book sales.

I am a weekly guest on America Tonight with Kate Delaney. What we do is take something in the news related to Hollywood and turn it into a radio segment which ties into my book. Last week we talked about the show 21 Jump Street. The week before we did an episode on the Monkees with Davy Jones death being in the news.

My book has over one thousand stories but I do not limit my radio content to what’s in the book; I make things free flowing and topical. Hollywood birthdays and anniversaries are another thing that has gotten me radio interviews.

Get publicity by tying into current events – Any book can be tied into current events. For example, his book tied into the release of the new Three Stooges movie.

Write articles – He shares stories via articles from his book as well as original stories not yet included in one of his story collections.

Be real in social media – With social media I have been myself rather than try to be exclusively Hollywood. That may  be a mistake but a number of people have let me know that they have bought my book on Facebook including one guy who called me a political numbskull who bought ten books.

About the Author: Stephen Schochet

Hollywood StoriesStephen Schochet is a professional tour guide in Hollywood who years ago began collecting little known, humorous anecdotes to tell to his customers.

His new book, Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes About the Stars and Legends of the Movies!, contains a treasure trove of colorful vignettes featuring an all-star cast of Hollywood icons including John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, Shirley Temple, Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Errol Flynn, and many others both past and contemporary.

Tim Sika, host of the radio show Celluloid Dreams on KSJS in San Jose has called Stephen, “The best storyteller about Hollywood we have ever heard.”

Hollywood Stories is available at Barnes & NobleAmazon, or wherever books are sold. For more information go to http://www.hollywoodstories.com.

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