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Can you point out some book marketing resources as well as some places where I can locate book promotion ideas?

John’s Answer:

Yes, that’s easy. You can find a ton of book marketing resources at my main website at

Here are a few of the pages you should check out:

Book Advertising on Blogs:

Book Marketing Companies:

Book Marketing Ideas:

Book Marketing Plan: – Features the top 10 actions to take in your book marketing plan.

Book Marketing Strategies: – My Book Marketing Bestsellers blog features many new book marketing strategies every month.

Book Marketing Tips I Learned While Watching TV Commercials:

Book Marketing Tip of the Week newsletter:

Book Marketing Tweets:

Book Promotion Ideas:

Book Promotion Tips: The Top 10 Things You Can Do to Promote Your Books:

Book Publicity Resources:

Book Publicity Tips: – The articles linked to here feature my best book publicity tips.

Facebook Marketing: That’s lesson 8 of my 15,000 Eyeballs Program:

Free Book Promotion: – You’ll find many author you can network here to carry out free book promotions over and over again.

How to Market Your Books: Great tips on creating a bestseller.

Making Friends: The Essence of Marketing:

30 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love: If you love a writer, here’s how you can help her or him sell more books.

John Kremer

John Kremer is the author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books as well as webmaster at,, and

2 Responses to “Book Marketing and Book Promotion Resources”

  1. John Kremer says:

    Sorry, Bradford, I don’t do book promotions for other authors. Just too time-consuming for the money offered – and I am full up on time doing my own book promotions, consulting, speaking, and living life.

    You really need to find a sponsor on your own. I don’t know anyone else who would do it for you.

    John Kremer

  2. Bradford Drake says:

    Hello John Kremer! I am so POOR that I cant afford a computer,but at least I have a cellphone. I use computers at the city librarys. I have sold 200 chess books by word of mouth advertising, which I guess is not so bad for a START. I have authored a BRILLIANT chess book and want to do a Premium deal for 2000 books. Since YOU have “the bookselling connections”, here is my proposal: sell 2000 books $8 each(60% off $20retail price) for $16,000 total and
    $5000 for printing/shipping via media mail $4000 to the bookseller and $4000 to Brad Drake and $3000 goes to the SPONSOR who sends $5000 to the printer. THE SPONSOR is someone John Kremer could find..the SPONSOR can CHOOSE the printer and bookseller. The Bookseller will pay the SPONSOR first and pay me LAST.AUthor Drake will send the PDF electronic files for the book and cover to the printer when Drake is notified!A good idea for a premium is USCF sales selling the book and IF you join USCF and buy this book for $8, USCF will discount your membership by $8 off!(This is just an example, but there are thousands of OTHER PREMIUM IDEAS!)Please call me for more INFO!
    Bradford L. Drake 1403 S. Richland Street Indianapolis,IN 46221 317-730-3547

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