Book Promotion Carnival #15

Book Promotion Carnival

Welcome to the May 1st, 2012 edition of the Book Promotion Carnival.

Book Promotion Tips

Dana Lynn Smith presents Don’t Be an Anonymous Author posted at The Savvy Book Marketer.

David Perozzi presents National TV Publicity: 13 Ways to Get the Attention of TV Producers at Ask the Publicist.

Doug Bolton presents 20-Minute Book Marketing: 16 Markets for Your Books at Book Marketing Bestsellers.

Book Publishing Tips

Seth Godin presents Seth Godin on the Real Business of Book Publishing posted at Book Marketing Bestsellers.

Internet Marketing Tips

Joel Friedlander presents Author Blogging 101: The Profit in Persistence posted at Joel Friedlander.

Deltina Hays presents Book Marketing on the Mobile Web posted at Book Marketing Bestsellers.

Ebook Marketing Tips

Sarah Bolme presents e-Reading on the Rise posted at Marketing Christian Books.


That concludes this edition of the Book Promotion Carnival.

Please link to the Book Promotion Carnival event during the week your submission is published. Thanks.

John Kremer

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