Jack Canfield: How to Write and Create a Bestselling Book

Bestselling author Jack Canfield

Are you looking to write a bestselling book that really changes people’s lives?

Are you ready to take your author career to the next level?

Do you want to know how other authors have created incredible bestsellers?

Great news! My good friends Jack Canfield and Steve Harrison have created three free power-packed informative videos on which you’ll discover:

How to get started writing your book – and get it done quickly!
How one book generated over $10 million in total revenue with only $35,000 in royalties. Where did all the other money come from? Find out in these videos!
The key component your book MUST have to be successful.
The Author’s Money Tree – featuring ten often-overlooked ways to profit from your book.
8 critical things you need to know to become a successful author.
What it takes to hit the New York Times bestseller list – including the key mistakes that prevent many authors from hitting the list even when they sell lots of books.
The bypass marketing strategy that made Chicken Soup for the Soul a big hit.
A common mistake that causes many authors to take forever to write their books.
How to get celebrities to endorse your book.
Are you in sales, business or professional practice? Writing a book can position you as an expert and help you attract paying clients pre-sold on doing business with you.
The E+R=O formula Jack credits for his success.
The four critical publishing players you need to win over to make your book successful.
A strategy you can copy which generated $24,000/month in the early days of Chicken Soup for the Soul.
10 keys to creating a bestselling book before you finish writing it.
How to make your book – and you – media-genic so you naturally attract free publicity.
The not-so-obvious common traits of bestselling books.
And last, but not least, how to craft a book which change people’s lives for the better.

Just go here to watch these three free videos: https://m164.infusionsoft.com/go/BSBTel/A10005

Note: The above is an affiliate link for a very good webinar series.

2 Responses to “Jack Canfield: How to Write and Create a Bestselling Book”

  1. John Kremer says:

    Start by writing one page a day. In a year, you’ll have a big book. Even if you take off two days a week, you’ll still have a great book after a year.

  2. Susan Jones says:

    Would like to write a book on the MYTH of Scientology. I have many things in my life that I would like to share with people, but this group NEEDS to be SINGLED out…

    I also have thoughts regarding how Baby Boomers have let their children down. All the education and nothing to do with it.

    SO MUCH needs to be said and I don’t know where to start.

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