20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast: Joan Stewart on Selling Books on Goodreads

Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound

Listen in as Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound, as she talks about how authors can make maximum use of the book reader social network known as GoodReads.com.

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Goodreads for Book Authors

1. Why are you so excited about Goodreads for authors who want publicity?

Goodreads.com is a good alternative to printed book reviews with 37,240 authors and more than 7.3 million readers.

2. What’s the best way for an author to get started?

Go to Author Program and read about all the things you can do. Create your own profile, add books to your shelves, explain why you like them, and add your website and social media URLs. Check it out here: http://www.goodreads.com/author/program.

3. What are some of the other things authors can do?

Create and promote events. Post videos. Join groups. Create quizzes.

4. Is this site at all valuable for authors who have written about topics in narrow niches?

Yes! Join groups. There’s one for almost any topic. Also participate in Q&As.

5. Isn’t there a program where authors can give away books that will be published soon?

Yes, the First Reads program where you can feature how many free copies you want to give away.

6. What’s the most important thing to remember about participating at Goodreads?

Participate as a reader, not just an author. And don’t only promote!

7. This is just one of many online book review and book discussion sites. Where can authors learn about others?

Check in on the replay of her webinar on Where to Find Millions of Readers Online to Review, Recommend, and Buy Your Books: http://publicityhound.com/go/kremer-podcast.


The Publicity Hound

About the Author: Joan Stewart

Joan Stewart is The Publicity Hound via traditional media. Now she is specializing in online publicity and social media. Be sure to check out her weekly email newsletter The Publicity Hound Tip of the Week via http://www.publicityhound.com.


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