Puns about Writers and Writing

Pun Enchanted EveningHere’s an assortment of puns about writers and writing from David R. Yale, author of Pun Enchanted Evenings: 746 Original Word Plays . . .

What would you call it if a poet started writing novels? – De-versifying!

Why do apprentice writers get so many colds? – They work with drafts all the time!

Why did the book editor get in trouble? – She made un-author-eyes-ed changes!

Why will poets rule all the galaxies someday? – Because they’re masters of the you know verse!

How did a famous 19th century American writer let his typesetter know a correction on the manuscript should be ignored? – With a Poe stet note!

Why did the moron call his pen Charlie? – He wanted to be a writer and he thought it would help to have a pen named!

Where do pulp fiction writers learn their craft? – At the Hackademy!

What does a timid writer need? – Inkcouragement!

In which European city can you be jailed for reading? – Book-arrest!

Why did the moron hand in his writing assignments after the deadlines? – He thought that would make him article-late!

Where should a novelist never live? – In a one-story house!

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David R. Yale, author, Pun Enchanted Evenings: 746 Original Word Plays. Web: http://www.bestpuns.com.

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