Social Media Marketing Tips – From Cowboys and Aliens

Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Excerpted with permission from an email by Phyllis Zimbler Miller:

1. It’s good to help other people reach their goals.

Harrison Ford, who starts out as the quintessential “bad” rich rancher, learns through the course of the story that, when you help others, you ultimately help yourself.

This is particularly true of effective social media. When you support other people on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and now Google+, you are ultimately creating a community of people who can help you when you need it.

2. It’s good to pay attention to small details.

Olivia Wilde (“13” on “House”) saves the planet Earth by noticing the potential in Daniel Craig’s character. She realizes before anyone else that he could be the key to finding the hideout of the aliens so that Earth can be saved.

In using social media to connect with your target audiences, paying attention to small details often matters. For example, putting your own name in the name field in Twitter profile settings instead of repeating your Twitter username in that field can help create relationships that can benefit your business.

3. It’s good to share information that can help others.

Harrison Ford tells the story of how, as a young boy, he became a man thanks to the knife that he now gives to the young boy in this story. Spoiler alert: The current young boy uses the knife to save himself.

On social media sites, if someone asks a question that you can answer, do so. This may lead to an online relationship that results in a new client or customer. And even if nothing comes of this, you’ll feel good about sharing what you know.

Bonus tip: “Cowboys & Aliens” is a good story.

Via your social media participation do you share your own story of why you’re passionate about what you do?


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